Solid Color Scuba Wall
Solid Color Scuba Wall
Solid Color Scuba Wall
Solid Color Scuba Wall
Solid Color Scuba Wall

Solid Color Scuba Wall

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TRANSFORM your space and set-up in a snap with Scuba Walls!

Scuba Walls are designed as large fabric dividers that can be used to hide clutter in any space or to divide a room into multiple spaces. 

These wrinkle free fabric walls are perfect for Welcome Areas, Children's Ministry Classrooms, Check-In Areas, Hallways, Coffee Areas or anywhere there is a ceiling grid to connect to.

Thanks to the material type, you can quickly remove, fold/gather-up and store. Set-up is a snap as well leaving you with a large clean back-drop that truly transforms a space!

To hang from a ceiling grid, you will need to also order Click-It Ceiling Magnets.


    *And Recommended*

Call a rep and let us know your exact needs!  We suggest full floor to ceiling height. Be sure to measure multiple areas in your room before giving us your dimensions. 

Order Instructions:
Recommended width is 25' or 30' for best manageability. We do not suggest spans longer than 35' to keep it easy to handle. We do suggest that the panels overlap by 3' where they do meet.

Finish Options:
Scuba Walls are finished with Grommets every 1' on Top side.

*Built to order. Typical shipping time is 2 weeks
*There is a discreet vertical seam every 5.5'
*Scuba Walls are not opaque. The darker the color the more opaque they are, however the more light there is behind the walls the more objects behind the walls will be seen. For opaque Scuba Walls contact 800-939-7722
*All colors are available however lighter colors are not suggested as they are more see-through.
*Non-returnable. Be sure to measure correctly. 

**Call 800-939-7722 or write to with questions.