Backdrop Combo Case

Backdrop Combo Case

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Carpeted Backdrop and Base Plate Combo Case

What we refer to as our DELUXE Pipe and Drape Storage Case. It's our favorite for quick and easy setup. Both a time and storage saver, this leaves you with extra space in your trailer and saves time by having all of your pipe and drape equipment is in one spot! tracks for pre-hung crossbars and a bottom compartment for upright and base plate storage. 


PS. We've even had churches use these for storing signage, tables, and even sports gear.

Design Note: We do offer completely customized designs. Contact us directly for purchase as there is an additional charge. Please know that all cases are able to have the carpet removed as a budget friendly option. Send us an email at or call us at 800-939-7722 for more information! Shipping not included*


(22) pre-hung crossbars with 8' mid-weight drapes

(26) uprights

(26) 15" base plates OR (18) 18" base plates OR (10) 24" base plates



Ext. Dimensions HxDxW in Inches:

72 3⁄4 x 26 3⁄8 x 99 3⁄4

Int. Dimensions HxDxW in Inches:

Upper: 47 3⁄8 x24 1⁄2 x97 3⁄4

Lower: 10 5⁄8H

*Shipping is not included at time of purchase. You will be contacted by our sales department with a second shipping invoice. Order cannot be shipped until the shipping invoice is paid. Our products are custom made to accommodate each church and their specific needs. Shipping requirements are different for each order. To ensure accurate and cost effective shipping prices we do not add shipping until we have the final weight and dimensions of the finished product.